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Information for 2018 season coming soon!

What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Our CSA program consists of a box of fresh-picked veggies delivered to Bismarck weekly, available from mid-June through mid-October.


How much does it cost?


Our share prices for 2017 are as follows:

  • $600 full share

  • $425 partial share


When do I get my vegetables?


For the 2017 season, pickup is on Thursday evening from 5:00-5:30 pm in the parking lot of Bartlett & West in Bismarck.

NEW FOR 2017!  Beef CSA Add-on option

We have partnered with Reiser Ranch out of Washburn to bring you beef raised on grass and finished on non-GMO grains. No antibiotics, no added hormones.  Receive the equivalent of 1/8th (40-45 pounds) of a beef over the course of the vegetable CSA season.

What does a share look like?

An example box, delivered monthly, may include the following:

  • 1 package of rib steaks, two per package

  • 1package NY Strip steaks, two per package

  • 1 package fajita meat

  • 3 pounds ground beef

How much does it cost?

The share price is $300 for the season.


At peak season a typical weekly full share would contain:


Lettuce - 1 head
Spinach or Salad Mix - 4-6 oz bag
Swiss Chard or Kale - 1 bunch
Beets - 1 bunch (about 1.25#)
Green Onions - 1 bunch
Asian Eggplant - 1-2 pounds
Cucumbers - 1-4 pounds
Tomatoes - 1-5 pounds
Garlic - 1 bulb
Yellow Onions - 1-2 pounds
Carrots - 1-2 pounds
Sweet and Hot Peppers - 1-4 peppers
Potatoes - 2-4 pounds
Tomatillos - 2 pounds

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